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Tuesday, May 7, 2013
International Moose Legion President
Gentlemen of the Moose Legion;

We all know that strengthening and maintaining our defending circle simply means producing new and former members while keeping the members that we currently have. It’s a fairly simply concept proving that we must have both membership production and membership retention being actively worked to insure our growth and the overall well being of the Loyal Order of Moose to include the Women of the Moose and the Moose Legion.

Our membership production and growth should certainly start with the Board of Directors of each Moose Legion jurisdiction; leading by example. If each member of every Board of Directors was to obligate themselves in becoming a Director’s Key Club jurisdiction, we’d not only have at least 14 new or former Moose Legionnaires in every Jurisdiction, we’d likely be busting all membership production records.

I believe that we’ll be hearing an old phrase more and more between now and our International Convention. In fact, it should probably ring even louder during and after that convention. I’m refer to the words of “getting back to fraternalism” that could be our rallying motto.

The Moose Legion is probably the finest example of fraternalism ever conceived. Let’s prove this point by not only enlisting new and former members, but by keeping all of our current Moose Legionnaires by offering them a continuing purpose through fun and fellowship at our jurisdictional gatherings as well as at or Moose Lodges through our strong functioning Moose Legion Activities Committees.

The local Moose Lodge that has a properly operating Moose Legion Committee with its meetings, meal functions, outings, and a whole lot of FUN will be not only our greatest asset in membership retention for the entire Fraternity, but our vehicle toward greater support of our beloved Mooseheart and Moosehaven plus additional enjoyment for us and our families.

Be a viable Moose Legionnaire. Assist in the Moose Legion Committee at your Moose Lodge while continuing to be involved in membership production and membership retention. You owe it you’re yourself to enjoy the greatest Moose experience possible.

I am hopeful that we of the International Moose Legion Council are supporting your wants and needs for the betterment of our Fraternity. You can contact me or the International Moose Legion office and I promise that your concerns will be considered by our Director and your Moose Legion Council.

I truly appreciate all that you do for the Fraternity that I hold so dear. And, working our program together, we can accomplish so much more.

Sincerely and fraternally,
Mark L. Klein
International Moose Legion President
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Secretary's Message
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First off, I’d like to thank the out-going Board of Directors for the outstanding job they did. And the great job they did/do becomes more apparent as I travel to other jurisdictions and observe them. Because of planning ahead and paying off our special project commitment early, the Board saved the jurisdiction 20%, almost $100. And as a result of earning the Key Club (signing up two members each), we’ll be receiving 5% off next years commitment. I believe that’s true leadership by example.

This past year, the Board planned many programs, events and fundraisers along with having a quarterly newsletter and Celebrations. In conjunction with the International Moose Legion membership campaign, Southern California Moose Legion 6 ran it’s own (something else I didn’t see during my visits with other jurisdictions).

I’m truly proud of the strides our Moose Legion jurisdiction is taken and will continue to take. And I’m sure that the new Board will be carrying on this strong tradition that is developing. But we know that it’s not all because of the Board of Directors—it’s because of you, the loyal Moose Legionnaires who support our events and fundraisers. And let’s not forget the Women of the Moose who have also supported our endeavors. Thank you all so much!

But we need to ask you to assist us in one more effort before the year ends. Membership production is important, but just as important is membership retention. A list of expiring, expired and dropped members is emailed to all the Board members, along with each Lodge’s Moose Legion Assistant Secretary. Please contact them and volunteer to assist us in getting our members to keep their dues current. With the amount of money Southern California Moose Legion 6 donates to Moose Charities, we no longer consider them dues, but as contributions. So work with your Lodge Administrator and Moose Legion Assistant Secretary and get a list of those members who are currently in arrears. Call them, visit them, send them a letter—do whatever it takes to communicate with them and remind them of the good the Moose and Moose Legion does. Sometimes they just overlooked their payment, or maybe they got confused thinking by sponsoring two members into the Lodge also got their Moose Legion dues paid for free, or maybe they just want to hear from us and know we care. Whatever it is, they need to be made aware.

It is truly a pleasure to serve as your Secretary and I look forward to seeing you at the next Celebration/Installation of Directors on Sunday, April 7th at the Rosemead Lodge: start time is 2:00 p.m.

Ben Pendleton
President's Message
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